• Summary.Designed Tikkl’s virtual and hybrid livestreaming solution, which caters to professional and entertainment events that range from intimate 100 to large 10,000+ person audiences. Built a highly immersive experience that is inclusive and accessible, while respecting user preferences and privacy. Designed a full event experience from the tickets, personalized welcome screens, event microsite navigation and features, Tikkl LIVE player interface, and interactions for both the attendees and the organizers (including reactions, polls, chat, Q&A, announcements, and trivia). I have also designed mobile app user flows and screens for Tikkl’s in person event conference apps, as well as the overall branding at tikkl.com.
  • Position.Product + UI/UX Designer
  • When.Jul 2019-Sep 2019, Jul-Dec 2020
  • Where.San Francisco, CA

Attendee Interface: in-person event QR code and virtual event linked tickets, personalized welcome screens, and the live show interactive view.

Admin Interface: create and manage trivia, announcements, the audience chat, Q+A sessions, and polls.